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Create Company Youtube Channel

If you want Affiliate Advertising, or constructing an Online Business in general, however do not recognize where to start after that this new program Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy, from Jonathan Montoya is well worth a look. Create Company Youtube Channel

Beginning any type of new business, especially an on-line business, can be really hard. There is so much info out there, and most of it simply doesn’t function, is obsoleted and also incorrect, or is just merely ‘scammy’. It’s typically really tough to know where to start – where should you go for the best education and learning and also training?

Sometimes all you desire is a basic, detailed guide where to begin and also how to reach making your very first affiliate compensations. That’s where the Freedom Breakthrough training program is available in!

Best Affiliate Marketing Training

What is Freedom Breakthrough Essentially?

Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy – is the brand-new on-line affiliate training program from Jonathan Montoya. In recap, Jonathan’s program is everything about teaching you just how to begin your own online business. Create Company Youtube Channel

Not another one I hear you say?

Yes one more one! And I won’t also say and try, ‘but this’s various’, ’cause obviously that what anyone would certainly claim!

The fact exists are extra training and education and learning programs available trying to educate you how to begin your online business than ever before. Which just makes it even harder to choose which ones are right for you.

Specifically, Jonathan focuses on the globe of affiliate marketing, as opposed to drop-shipping, Other or shopify online business approaches. There is a great deal to like regarding the Affiliate Marketing space, as well as it can be a really great place to begin an on the internet business given the low expenses.

The Freedom Breakthrough course covers every little thing Jonathan utilizes himself to run his online business. It is not some theory or untested approach – it is really actual (sometimes raw), process as well as techniques that have been proven to work. Jonathan used these exact very same techniques to break cost-free and also stop has engineering task.

Generally, the program covers whatever you need to know to obtain you started in Affiliate Marketing, to making your initial sales and afterwards scaling the business in time. Make no mistake, this training course in obstructed loaded with information. As a matter of fact quite a variety of the modules could quickly be offered on their own as stand-alone professional programs.


  • You are brand-new to online marketing as well as searching for the very best path onward, or
  • Have been right here a while however struggling to locate success, or
  • Are seeking a new tried and tested approach, or
  • Are aiming to get extra traffic for an existing business,

Jonathan’s training course can be simply right for you.

Create Company Youtube Channel

Who Is Jonathan Montoya?

It is so essential to learn more about the person behind the training program you are purchasing – besides you actually are placing your faith right into the person who developed the program. You are wishing they’re official, will supply on what they promised and in fact have had success themselves in what they are educating!

So who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya

Jonathan is the individual behind this brand-new training program – Freedom Breakthrough. If you do some standard research study it looks like Jonathan is an over night success. After some further digging you discover that Jonathan has been in the online business space for quite some time.

Jonathan is an electrical engineer by profession – which given that’s where I started my occupation I can say that makes him hard and unbelievably intelligent working ;-). Jokes aside, he did build his online business while still functioning full-time, which is evidence how it can be done. His on the internet business ultimately became lucrative as well as so successful that he could with confidence stop his design job.

He has actually tried his hand at a variety of different online business strategies and chances. While most of them had some success, none really attained what he wanted – which was to absolutely break devoid of the 9 to 5 work. I’m sure that Jonathan would certainly say none of these earlier business ventures were squandered. They all given beneficial experience as well as cause his supreme success.

It was in the affiliate marketing space that Jonathan really struck gold. He now runs an extremely effective 6 number affiliate advertising and marketing business – and has actually made a decision to share his expertise in his brand-new course.

From the beginning Jonathan had an objective to share what he was learning and help others in a comparable situation accomplish success. This enthusiasm to aid others clearly discovers in all the training in the Freedom Breakthrough training course.

Jonathan has a contagious training design, indicating it is easy to learn and also listen from him. He is clearly enthusiastic about what he is teaching and also gives you the self-confidence that you can do it as well.

Check out this video with Jonathan explaining his Affiliate Marketing journey.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is my favourite kind of online business! Create Company Youtube Channel

Affiliate Marketing is the process of making a compensation by promoting other people’s (or firm’s) products. You discover a product you such as, advertise it to others as well as earn a piece of the earnings for each and every sale that you make.

In straightforward terms it’s where you advertise and also offer another person’s services or product for a commission. Affiliate Marketing has actually been around long before the net, where you could be an ‘representative’ for someone else’s products or service. If you signed-up a new consumer or made a sale the business would pay you a compensation.

The web has just made the entire process a lot easier. For the affiliate it indicates you have accessibility to a nearly endless series of product or services that you can sell. For the supplier (or owner of the services or product) they have accessibility to a nearly endless group of sales people.

Why is affiliate marketing so good?

  • No need to hold supply. Delivery is taken care of by the suppler, with all sales delivered straight to the end customer.
  • No demand for after-sales headaches. The manufacturer or provider cares for any type of recurring consumer support issues.
  • Very little ahead of time prices to begin. Given there is no requirement to develop an item or get and also hold stock the upfront expenses are kept to a few marketing tools (eg internet site, touchdown web pages, email tools etc).
  • Huge variety of Products and Services Available. There are products offered for almost any type of specific niche you are interested in.

For me, it’s a wonderful place to start if you are brand-new to the internet marketing world. It is difficult to discover all the parts of marketing something online, which is only made tougher if there is added migraines of product growth, manufacturing, shipping and after sales to look after.

Freedom Breakthrough – The Course in Detail

Freedom Breakthrough Training Modules

The Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy course is burglarized 12 modules. Don’t be surprised if this modifications, as Jonathan is regularly adding to it as well as refining it, based on both student comments and anything he additionally learns.

Each module is incredibly described. They start with the fundamentals as well as exactly how to get yourself setup – then relocate into the techniques and method around just how to make that part of your business work for you.

The modules cover the complying with thoroughly;

Course Introduction – Covering what the course is about and also exactly how to obtain the most from it. It also consists of an intro to the ‘Affiliate Language Lingo’ – so absolute beginners understand what everyone is discussing!

Module 1 – Picking The Perfect Affiliate Niche – One of the most common inquiries when starting in Affiliate Marketing is ‘however what do I market?’. Its a terrific area to begin – assisting you decide what is the appropriate niche for you to concentrate on, as well as what are the best products to advertise. Jonathan also drills right into the principle of determining the real problem you are solving for your consumers, with the product you are promoting.

Module 2 – Creating The Affiliate Website Asset – This is where you actually begin to create the foundation of your online business – beginning with your web site. I’ve seen people beginning their online business spend months lost on developing an internet site. For Jonathan to literally develop an easy website action by step is such an effective item of the problem.

Module 3 – Google SEO Mastery – This is among the modules where Jonathan brings in a professional to cover the information – in this case Nathan Lucas. Nathan undergoes the basics of Search Engine Optimisation step by step. Right here you will discover what it requires to produce a post and have it show up on page among a Google search – giving you accessibility to complimentary web traffic!

Module 4 – The Perfect Affiliate Funnel – It’s all about the funnel! When you walk into a shop, if nobody comes to aid you, you are likely to simply go out. This is the same with your affiliate offers! This module covers exactly how to take a prospective client as well as gently lead them via a sales procedure, enhancing your opportunities of them really getting the end product.

Module 5 – Email Marketing Mastery – Once you have captured an e-mail from a possible customer – what after that? Exactly how do you stay in contact with them in properly? Again, how do you take them from being somewhat interested in your items to a passionate consumer? This module covers all that, including exactly how to set up a very essential piece of your advertising devices – the autoresponder!

Module 6 – Free Traffic With FaceBook – Now we get involved in one of the most vital part – exactly how do you obtain website traffic to your deals? Jonathan starts with as well as stresses making use of cost-free web traffic, starting with FaceBook. He covers how to obtain your account configuration right, and also how to use FaceBook as a business device, rather than a social interruption from your objectives. In particular, Jonathan covers the use of FaceBook teams to construct an adhering to and an audience of prospective customers.

Module 7 – The King Of FREE Traffic Youtube – This is where Jonathan truly made his name. He has a fantastic YouTube channel – one that has driven a lot of his success. Once again the fundamentals are covered – just how to arrangement your network correctly and the devices that you will certainly require. Module 7 – The King Of FREE Traffic Youtube – Significantly the details of video clip search and key phrases and also just how to obtain your video clips placing are covered.

Module 8 – Free Traffic With TikTok – Jonathan is really nailing it – and also notably he covers how to make it an integral component of driving customers back to your various other possessions, such as your YouTube channel etc.

Module 9 – Paid Traffic With Google Ads – Here it’s time to enter into some paid web traffic approaches, starting with Google Ads. This module covers both the conventional Google search results page in addition to YouTube video clip ads. Both of these are run from the exact same Google Ads system. Once more this module is really detailed and supplies configuration, to running your advertisements, retargeting prospective consumers and constructing ‘safe’ touchdown web pages that will not obtain you suspended from the Google Ads platform.

Module 10 – Paid Traffic With Tiktok Ads – This module is the same as Google Ads, but focusing on the certain of the TikTok platform. It covers just how to target the right target market and build upon that with points like “lookalike” target market methods. To put it simply, get my ads before other individuals that are ‘like’ the ones who are my existing customers.

Module 11 – Paid Ads With Facebook – And once more, with Facebook ads. The FaceBook advertisement platform is incredibly powerful, as it is the online platform that records the most information concerning its users (yes, we all love to hand out high quantities of individual details to Mr Zuckerberg!). That allows the advertising on the system to be extremely targeted as well as effective if you recognize what you are doing.

Module 12 – Launch Jacking – Jonathan covers an intriguing method called “Launch Jacking” – which is basically a procedure to tap right into advertising brand-new products that are concerning to introduce. Jonathan claims that he has made rather a little bit of money with this technique and it might be a fast path to get things begun in your very own business.

Bonus Modules

To really cover things up, and add some fantastic value to the program, Jonathan has included a number of incentive modules. These are presented by various other successful affiliate online marketers who each have their own speciality as well as experience. Create Company Youtube Channel

Bonus Modules

Alex Branning – How to Structure the Perfect Affiliate Offer: Having an excellent item doesn’t indicate that it will simply sell itself. Alex provides details exactly how you can create the perfect affiliate offer as well as make your product become a “no-brainer”.

Joshua Ong – High Ticket Sales Mastery Using Facebook Organic: Josh has actually really taken a niche in offering high ticket items utilizing organic web traffic with FaceBook. Below he shares his strategy and method so you can duplicate it. Selling High Ticket products is a terrific means to actually increase the revenues in your business, however it requires to be done.

Paul Mottley – How To Get Your Clickfunnels Dream Car: The ClickFunnels affiliate program offers a regular monthly bonus if you have 100 clients or even more each month. Paul shares his procedure to develop a ClickFunnels Subscriber listing to at the very least 100 consumers. And importantly he shares exactly how you can receive this moving forward – which is in fact rather difficult. This procedure can after that be reproduced for any comparable product like ClickFunnels.

Paid Vs Free Traffic – Why I Love Free!

In general there are two types of “web traffic” that you can utilize for your affiliate supplies– paid and cost-free (or organic). While paid website traffic has its place, I a lot like totally free traffic methods, such as SEO strategies.

Several online training programs promote using paid web traffic for novices, which I really feel is definitely incorrect. When you start your online business to find out all the crucial components, it is challenging enough. If you toss paid advertising and marketing on top– currently you have a recipe for disaster.

Not only do you need to spend for the needed devices to obtain your business started, but you have actually the added anxiety of a marketing budget. Considered that lots of marketing campaigns are trial and error, it becomes terrible as you enjoy your savings dwindle on advertisements that you don’t know will function.

As a matter of fact this is the reason that I believe lots of people surrender when they start online. It becomes also demanding as well as the unpredictability of profiting is tough to approve.

Totally free traffic eliminates that stress and anxiety. Yes there are still expenses to get your business online, like website hosting etc, however these are minimal. You can find out key skills you need such as duplicate writing, running a site, locating excellent affiliate products, keyword study etc etc, without the stress of cash vanishing on paid advertising.

Why do I claim all this?

This is a large tick for me with Jonathan’s training course. He covers both paid and also free website traffic methods, but stresses that you need to concentrate on and also grasp free web traffic methods prior to transferring to paid. Paid web traffic can be used later to truly scale your business, as soon as you’ve discovered the basics.

Who Is The Course Best For?

Jonathan’s program is most definitely targeted to newer members to the online business world. It does start at a very standard degree, which is best for newbies, as he offers step by step instructions to arrangement your business possessions and also systems. Create Company Youtube Channel

Any individual that is interested in launching their very own affiliate marketing business can comply with in addition to Jonathan and also build out their business. And once again, Jonathan’s style makes points really very easy to comply with.

However it isn’t restricted just to beginners.

If you are keen to start a brand-new website traffic source, such as Facebook or Blogging, after that there is plenty to learn below.

Among the greatest areas is if you are aiming to configuration your very own YouTube network to drive internet marketing traffic. Jonathan really is a master in the YouTube and also TikTok space, as well as shares some extremely valuable details.

What I Liked About The Course

Really, there is a great deal to like, given how much info is covered and also provided!

  • Great for newbies – it starts right at the basics so you are not entrusted to a significant knowledge gap to overcome at the start.
  • Focuses on totally free and natural traffic approaches to obtain you began.
  • Covers the basics of sales, advertising as well as sales funnels – which is commonly missed out on in similar courses.
  • Amazing training around YouTube as well as TikTok – several of the most effective training on the market!
  • Brings in additional market specialists to share their techniques.

What I Didn’t Like As Much

Like anything, there are a couple of points I didn’t like as a lot;

  • The course is very new, so it is still fairly raw partially. This doesn’t imply the information isn’t all there, it’s just not a ‘polished’ in some components.
  • There is ALOT of info given – so it can be a little overwhelming. Just keep in mind that you do not need to finish it all to start or achieve success.
  • I want to see the Product and Niche option fleshed out a little bit more.


The Freedom Breakthrough program by Jonathan Montoya is a terrific location to begin if you a brand-new to Affiliate Marketing. It is really difficult to discover a program around that covers the fundamentals to obtain you started, as well as some more advanced methods to scale your business. Jonathan handles to do this really well throughout the training course.

Even though I have been kicking around this space for some time I discovered there were a variety of beneficial details that I still picked up. Especially with more recent platforms like TikTok – its excellent to learn through a person that has actually taken care of to truly have an effect. As well as Jonathan’s expertise around creating a very effective YouTube channel is among the most effective.

There is so much details given throughout the training course – a variety of modules might quickly be marketed as stand-alone courses. It is definitely feasible to adhere to the training as well as build your own online business without requiring any other training to begin.

I would certainly recommend taking a look at Jonathan’s training course!

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