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Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Marketing Training

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If you have an interest in Affiliate Marketing, or constructing an Online Business in general, but don’t recognize where to begin then this new course Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy, from Jonathan Montoya is well worth a look. Cool Pictures For Youtube Channel

Beginning any type of new business, especially an on-line business, can be truly tough. There is just so much details around, as well as most of it just doesn’t work, is obsoleted and also inaccurate, or is just merely ‘scammy’. It’s usually actually tough to understand where to start – where should you go for the finest education and learning and training?

In some cases all you want is an easy, detailed overview where to start and how to get to earning your first affiliate compensations. That’s where the Freedom Breakthrough training program is available in!

Best Affiliate Marketing Training

What is Freedom Breakthrough Essentially?

Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy – is the new on the internet affiliate training program from Jonathan Montoya. In summary, Jonathan’s program is all about training you exactly how to start your very own online business. Cool Pictures For Youtube Channel

Not an additional one I hear you say?

Yes one more one! And I will not also claim and also try, ‘however this set’s different’, ’cause obviously that what any individual would certainly claim!

The reality is there are a lot more training as well as education and learning programs available trying to educate you just how to start your online business than ever. And that just makes it even harder to choose which ones are right for you.

Specifically, Jonathan concentrates on the world of affiliate advertising and marketing, rather than drop-shipping, Shopify or various other online business strategies. There is a lot to such as regarding the Affiliate Marketing space, as well as it can be a really wonderful location to start an on the internet business given the reduced overheads.

The Freedom Breakthrough training course covers everything Jonathan utilizes himself to run his online business. So it is not some concept or untried technique – it is really real (sometimes raw), process as well as approaches that have actually been shown to work. Jonathan utilized these exact same approaches to break cost-free and stop has engineering task.

Generally, the course covers whatever you need to know to obtain you started in Affiliate Marketing, to making your very first sales and then scaling the business over time. Make indisputable, this course in obstructed packed with information. Fairly a number of the modules could easily be marketed by themselves as stand-alone professional training courses.

So if;

  • You are all new to internet marketing as well as trying to find the very best path ahead, or
  • Have been right here a while yet having a hard time to locate success, or
  • Are trying to find a brand-new tried and tested strategy, or
  • Are looking to gain additional traffic for an existing business,

then Jonathan’s course could be perfect for you.

Cool Pictures For Youtube Channel

Who Is Jonathan Montoya?

It is so important to learn more about the person behind the training program you are purchasing – after all you truly are placing your belief into the individual that produced the program. You are hoping they’re legit, will provide on what they guaranteed and really have actually had success themselves in what they are educating!

So who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya

Jonathan is the person behind this new training program – Freedom Breakthrough. , if you do some fundamental research it looks like Jonathan is an overnight success. However after some further digging you discover that Jonathan has been in the online business space for fairly time.

Jonathan is an electric designer by profession – which given that’s where I began my profession I can state that makes him hard and exceptionally smart working ;-). Jokes apart, he did develop his online business while still functioning full-time, which is evidence exactly how it can be done. His on-line business ultimately ended up being so effective and also lucrative that he could confidently quit his engineering job.

He has tried his hand at a number of various online business approaches and also chances. I’m certain that Jonathan would say none of these earlier business endeavors were squandered.

It was in the affiliate advertising and marketing area that Jonathan actually advanced. He currently operates an extremely effective 6 figure affiliate advertising business – as well as has chosen to share his expertise in his brand-new training course.

From the start Jonathan had a goal to share what he was discovering and aid others in a similar circumstance accomplish success. This interest to help others clearly encounters in all the training in the Freedom Breakthrough course.

Jonathan has an infectious training design, meaning it is very easy to learn and listen from him. He is clearly enthusiastic about what he is showing as well as offers you the self-confidence that you can do it as well.

Check out this video with Jonathan explaining his Affiliate Marketing journey.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is my favourite sort of on-line business! Cool Pictures For Youtube Channel

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by advertising other individuals’s (or firm’s) products. You find an item you like, advertise it to others as well as gain an item of the earnings for each and every sale that you make.

In easy terms it’s where you offer as well as advertise someone else’s services or product for a commission. Affiliate Marketing has actually been about long prior to the web, where you could be an ‘agent’ for someone else’s products or service. If you signed-up a new consumer or made a sale the business would certainly pay you a commission.

The net has actually just made the entire procedure much easier. For the affiliate it suggests you have access to a practically countless series of products and services that you can market. For the vendor (or proprietor of the services or product) they have access to a practically unlimited group of sales individuals.

Why is affiliate advertising so great?

  • No requirement to hold stock. Shipment is looked after by the suppler, with all sales delivered straight throughout consumer.
  • No requirement for after-sales frustrations. The supplier or vendor takes care of any kind of continuous customer support issues.
  • Very little ahead of time prices to begin. Offered there is no requirement to develop an item or buy and also hold supply the ahead of time expenses are kept to a few advertising devices (eg web site, landing pages, email tools etc).
  • Huge series of Products as well as Services Available. There are products offered for almost any type of particular niche you have an interest in.

For me, it’s a fantastic place to start if you are brand-new to the online marketing world. It is difficult to discover all the parts of selling something online, which is only made more challenging if there is additional frustrations of item development, manufacturing, shipping and also after sales to deal with.

Freedom Breakthrough – The Course in Detail

Freedom Breakthrough Training Modules

The Freedom Breakthrough – The Affiliate Blueprint Academy program is broken into 12 modules. Do not be stunned if this changes, as Jonathan is constantly adding to it and improving it, based on both pupil responses and anything he in addition finds out.

Each module is unbelievably outlined. They start with the essentials as well as exactly how to get yourself arrangement – after that relocate into the methods and also approach around just how to make that part of your business benefit you.

The modules cover the complying with in detail;

Course Introduction – Covering what the program has to do with as well as exactly how to obtain the most from it. It additionally consists of an introductory to the ‘Affiliate Language Lingo’ – so absolute newbies recognize what everyone is talking about!

Module 1 – Picking The Perfect Affiliate Niche – One of one of the most usual concerns when starting in Affiliate Marketing is ‘but what do I offer?’. So its an excellent area to begin – aiding you choose what is the appropriate particular niche for you to focus on, as well as what are the most effective products to promote. Jonathan additionally drills right into the principle of identifying the actual trouble you are addressing for your consumers, with the product you are advertising.

Module 2 – Creating The Affiliate Website Asset – This is where you in fact begin to create the building blocks of your online business – starting with your web site. I’ve seen people starting their online business invest months lost on building a site. So for Jonathan to actually develop an easy website detailed is such an effective piece of the puzzle.

Module 3 – Google SEO Mastery – This is one of the modules where Jonathan brings in a specialist to cover the details – in this situation Nathan Lucas. Nathan undergoes the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation step by step. Right here you will discover what it takes to develop a post and also have it turn up on page among a Google search – offering you access to totally free web traffic!

Module 4 – The Perfect Affiliate Funnel – It’s everything about the funnel! When you stroll into a shop, if no one pertains to help you, you are most likely to simply leave. This is the same with your affiliate offers! This module covers exactly how to take a potential customer and carefully lead them with a sales procedure, raising your possibilities of them really getting the end product.

Module 5 – Email Marketing Mastery – Once you have caught an e-mail from a potential customer – what after that? This module covers all that, including just how to set up an incredibly essential piece of your advertising tools – the autoresponder!

Module 6 – Free Traffic With FaceBook – Jonathan starts with and also stresses the usage of free traffic, beginning with FaceBook. In certain, Jonathan covers the usage of FaceBook teams to construct an adhering to as well as a target market of prospective clients.

Module 7 – The King Of FREE Traffic Youtube – This is where Jonathan actually made his name. He has a fantastic YouTube network – one that has driven much of his success. Once again the basics are covered – exactly how to configuration your network appropriately as well as the tools that you will certainly require. But significantly the information of video search and also search phrases and just how to obtain your videos rating are covered.

Module 8 – Free Traffic With TikTok – Jonathan is really nailing it – as well as importantly he covers exactly how to make it an important part of driving subscribers back to your other properties, such as your YouTube network etc.

Module 9 – Paid Traffic With Google Ads – Here it’s time to enter into some paid website traffic techniques, starting with Google Ads. This module covers both the typical Google search results page along with YouTube video advertisements. Both of these are run from the exact same Google Ads system. Once more this module is extremely thorough as well as gives setup, to running your advertisements, retargeting possible consumers as well as building ‘safe’ touchdown pages that will not obtain you suspended from the Google Ads platform.

Module 10 – Paid Traffic With Tiktok Ads – This module is the same as Google Ads, however concentrating on the specific of the TikTok platform. It covers just how to target the ideal audience and construct upon that with points like “lookalike” target market strategies. To put it simply, get my advertisements before other individuals who are ‘like’ the ones that are my existing consumers.

Module 11 – Paid Ads With Facebook – And again, with Facebook ads. The FaceBook advertisement system is unbelievably powerful, as it is the online platform that records one of the most detail regarding its individuals (yes, we all love to give away high volumes of personal details to Mr Zuckerberg!). If you understand what you are doing, that enables the advertising on the platform to be unbelievably targeted as well as efficient.

Module 12 – Launch Jacking – Jonathan covers a fascinating approach called “Launch Jacking” – which is basically a process to tap into advertising new products that are regarding to introduce. Jonathan says that he has actually made rather a little bit of money with this approach and it may be a quick course to obtain things started in your own business.

Bonus Modules

To actually wrap things up, and add some fantastic value to the program, Jonathan has actually included a number of bonus modules. These exist by other successful affiliate marketers that each have their very own speciality as well as know-how. Cool Pictures For Youtube Channel

Bonus Modules

Alex Branning – How to Structure the Perfect Affiliate Offer: Having a terrific item doesn’t imply that it will simply offer itself. It can additionally obtain more difficult if the product or niche you are operating in is highly affordable. So you need to in some way make your deal distinct as well as noteworthy. Alex supplies information exactly how you can produce the excellent affiliate deal as well as make your product become a “piece of cake”.

Joshua Ong – High Ticket Sales Mastery Using Facebook Organic: Josh has really taken a particular niche in offering high ticket products using natural web traffic via FaceBook. Below he shares his method and technique so you can replicate it. Selling High Ticket items is a fantastic means to actually accelerate the profits in your business, however it needs to be done.

Paul Mottley – How To Get Your Clickfunnels Dream Car: The ClickFunnels affiliate program offers a regular monthly bonus offer if you have 100 consumers or more each month. Paul shares his process to construct a ClickFunnels Subscriber checklist to a minimum of 100 clients. And notably he shares exactly how you can suffer this moving forward – which is in fact rather tough. This procedure can after that be replicated for any kind of similar item like ClickFunnels.

Paid Vs Free Traffic – Why I Love Free!

In general there are two kinds of “traffic” that you can make use of for your affiliate supplies– paid as well as totally free (or organic). While paid website traffic has its place, I much favor totally free website traffic techniques, such as SEO strategies.

Many online training programs promote making use of paid website traffic for newbies, which I feel is definitely wrong. It is tough sufficient when you begin your online business to discover all the key elements. If you toss paid marketing on top– now you have a dish for catastrophe.

Not only do you require to pay for the necessary devices to get your business started, but you have the added tension of a marketing spending plan. Given that several advertising and marketing campaigns are experimentation, it ends up being awful as you enjoy your cost savings diminish on advertisements that you don’t recognize will certainly function.

As a matter of fact this is the reason why I believe lots of people give up when they start online. It ends up being as well stressful and also the unpredictability of turning a profit is difficult to accept.

Totally free website traffic gets rid of that anxiety. Yes there are still expenses to get your business online, like web site hosting etc, however these are minimal. You can discover vital abilities you need such as copy writing, running a website, locating great affiliate items, keyword study etc etc, without the anxiety of money vanishing on paid advertising.

So why do I claim all this?

This is a large tick for me with Jonathan’s course. He covers both paid and free website traffic techniques, but worries that you ought to concentrate on and master free web traffic approaches before transferring to paid. Paid website traffic can be used later on to really scale your business, as soon as you’ve found out the essentials.

Who Is The Course Best For?

Jonathan’s program is absolutely targeted to newer participants to the online business globe. It does begin at a really basic degree, which is best for newbies, as he supplies detailed instructions to setup your business properties and also platforms. Cool Pictures For Youtube Channel

Any individual that has an interest in launching their own affiliate advertising business can adhere to along with Jonathan and also build out their business. As well as once again, Jonathan’s style makes points actually simple to follow.

However it isn’t limited only to novices.

If you are keen to start a new website traffic source, such as Facebook or Blogging, after that there is plenty to discover right here.

Among the largest locations is if you are wanting to configuration your own YouTube network to drive web marketing web traffic. Jonathan truly is a master in the YouTube and TikTok area, as well as shares some unbelievably beneficial information.

What I Liked About The Course

Actually, there is a great deal to like, given just how much information is covered as well as offered!

  • Great for novices – it begins right at the fundamentals so you are not left with a massive understanding space to get over at the beginning.
  • Focuses on organic as well as complimentary website traffic techniques to obtain you started.
  • Covers the fundamentals of sales, advertising and marketing and also sales funnels – which is often missed out on in comparable courses.
  • Amazing training around YouTube and also TikTok – a few of the very best training in the market!
  • Brings in additional sector experts to share their techniques.

What I Didn’t Like As Much

Like anything, there are a number of points I really did not like as a lot;

  • The program is brand-new, so it is still quite raw in parts. This doesn’t indicate the information isn’t in place, it’s simply not a ‘brightened’ in some parts.
  • There is ALOT of info provided – so it can be a little overwhelming. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to finish all of it to start or succeed.
  • I would like to see the Product and also Niche choice expanded a bit extra.


If you a new to Affiliate Marketing, the Freedom Breakthrough course by Jonathan Montoya is an excellent location to begin. It is really tough to discover a training course available that covers the fundamentals to get you started, along with some advanced techniques to scale your business. Jonathan handles to do this actually well throughout the program.

Although I have been subjugating this space for a while I discovered there were a variety of valuable details that I still grabbed. Particularly with newer platforms like TikTok – its good to learn through someone that has actually handled to actually have an influence. And Jonathan’s knowledge around producing a very effective YouTube network is amongst the best.

There is a lot info given throughout the program – a variety of modules might conveniently be marketed as stand-alone training courses. It is absolutely possible to adhere to the training and also construct your very own online business without needing any other training to start.

I would most definitely recommend checking out Jonathan’s training course!

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